Uncle Lou’s Stuff

Jumbo Chicken Tender Sandwich 6.28
-Deep Fried or Grilled (Additional Charge for Grilled)

Super Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4.68

Honey Dipped Smoke Sausage Sandwich 6.48

Tennessee Round Steak-“Guy’s Favorite (Hot or Mild) 5.98

1/3lb. Jumbo Cheeseburger 4.98

3/4lb. Double Cheeseburber 6.18

18oz. Monster Cheeseburger 7.68

1 1/2lb. Ultimate Cheeseburger 8.88

The “Fatboy” 6.28
3 Slices of Texas Toast, 4 Slices of Cheese w/Premium Ham and and/or Turkey

Sweet Spicy Love Fish Sandwich 5.08
(Hot or Mild)

8oz. Ribeye Steak Sandwich 7.38
Grilled to Perfection, dipped in Sweet Spicy Love

Sausage and Cheese Plate 10.48

Chicken Biscuit 2.68

Jumbo Turkey Burger 4.98
(Additional Charge for Cheese on all Turkey Burgers)

Double Turkey Burger 6.18

Monster Turkey Burger 7.68

Ultimate Turkey Burger 8.88